Organizations like churches, private schools, higher-education institutions, and other nonprofits rely on contributions from members and donors to finance their operations. When economic conditions worsen, contributions are often affected. This poses a significant challenge to any organization that receives the majority of its cash flow from donations.

One solution to potentially reduce the effects of changing economic cycles on cash needs is the organizational endowment. Legacy Deo has helped many organizations create an endowment to serve as a perpetual source of funding. It is a permanent account to which members and donors can contribute. Because of its long-term nature, it is an ideal place to receive funding from memorials, trusts, and estates. Over time and as the endowment grows, the organization benefits from a funding source that sustains it and advances its mission.

Another challenge organizations face is earning meaningful returns on excess cash. Interest rates on today’s savings accounts and certificates of deposit are extremely low. Organizations that use brokerage accounts may find minimum balance requirements and management fees to be excessive.

As a solution to these realities, Legacy Deo offers institutional custodial accounts. Much like traditional savings accounts, they can be added to or withdrawn from at any time. This makes them ideal for organizations with small or cyclical cash reserves. Custodial accounts provide access to our professionally-managed investment funds and therefore greater potential for return on the organization’s assets. Investment choices are flexible, giving the organization a way to increase returns on its terms. The minimum amount to establish a custodial account with us is $10,000.

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