Donor-advised funds are a great way for charitably-minded people to begin a legacy of giving during their lifetime. The best feature of donor-advised funds is the flexibility they provide. Unlike other giving instruments, donor-advised funds afford donors the freedom to direct their gifts to different charitable organizations each year and to distribute on their terms. For example, two beneficiaries could be selected in year one to receive year-end gifts from the fund. The donor may opt to forego distributions in year two, but then make mid-year distributions in year three to an entirely different set of charities. Additional gifts to the donor-advised fund may be made at any time and are tax-deductible to the extent allowed by law.

The flexible nature of donor-advised funds makes them a perfect solution for younger donors who wish to support varying charitable endeavors. They also work well for seniors having an estate plan in place, but who still desire to make a variety of gifts during their lifetime.

The minimum amount to establish a donor-advised fund with us is $10,000. After gifts are distributed, the minimum balance to maintain an active account is $1,500.